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iCAM TD100

Iris Image Capture Process

Fully automatic dual iris image capture and quality analysis routines are available as a part of the Iris ID SDK API set for the field application of the iCAM TD100. An illustration of the iris capture GUI screen is shown below. Iris ID's iData SDK runtime license for iris enrollment and quality assessment is available for use with the iData TD100 module subsystem. Iris and face capture are performed by the operator extending their arm from the face capture distance to the iris capture distance as illustrated below.

Face Image Capture Process

The face capture API function is included in the SDK.
The integrated framing function provides feedback for the capture of a properly formatted ISO/ICAO face image.
Manual face capture with auto focus is also possible through the camera calls in the iData SDK sample application.
An application developer can also use host based face finding to trigger the face capture automatically from the host processor.
Face capture can be initiated through API or via the shutter button on the iCAM TD100.
Sample illustrations of face capture modes are shown below.

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