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Cross Match

Ten-Finger And Palm Print Live scan Systems - fingerprint readers Dubai

Cross Match Fingerprint scannerdata capture system refers to the automated method of verifying a match between two human fingerprints.  

A fingerprint scanner or finger capture device has two basic jobs, it needs to get an image of your finger, and it needs to determine whether the pattern of ridges and valleys in this image matches the pattern of ridges and valleys in pre-scanned images. Cross Match has entire range of fingerprint scanners data capture systems, passport scanners and document readers.

 Cross Match offers a variety of configurations of ten-finger and palm print livescan systems.

  • Complete – full-hand, palm or fingerprint systems
  • Versatile – 500 and 1000 pixels per inch image quality meets FBI standards
  • Convenient – easy to use systems, no need to spray or prepare hands in advance
  • Quality – fingerprint scans do not require artificial digital enhancement
  • Passport MRZ readers 
  • Accurate – auto calibration means fewer rejected prints from FBI
  • Interoperable – standards-based, can be used for biometric credentialing and access control programs.

Get the best deals on Finger print scanners  from Cardz Dubai, distributor for entire range of Cross Match data capture systems - single, double and multiple finger readers in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE, Middle East and Africa.

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Product Range

Eikon USB Biometric Readers

  • Government certified
  • Patented technology
  • Works well with dry, moist fingerprints

Fingerprint Scanner Verifier® 300 LC 2.0

Verifier 310 LC 2.0 - Fingerprint Reader,Biometric Fingerprint Scanner, fingerprint scanner
  • Single finger reader/scanner
  • National ID and registration programs
  • Hospital patient record verification

Verifier 320 LC -Dual Finger Scanner

Verifier 320 LC -Dual Finger Scanner - biometric devices
  • Designed for forensic-quality
  • Proven technology for foolproof image
  • Excellent choice for high-volume

Verifier® Mw

Verifier® Mw - biometric fingerprint reader
  • Military rapid identification programs
  • State, county, local traffic and highway
  • Border and immigration control, federal

Verifier® 310 LC Dual Finger Scanner

Verifier® 310 LC - finger scanner,biometric devices
  • Border and port security
  • Correctional facilities
  • Critical infrastructure

SEEK® Avenger Lighter. Smarter. Faster.

  • Stand-off iris capture
  • Sunlight tolerant biometric sensors
  • Reads multiple credential formats


  • Dual iris capture in less than 10 second
  • Automatic image capture without user act
  • Durable housing

Live Scan EF200

Live Scan EF200
  • Financial Transaction Authentication
  • Benefit/Pension Disbursement
  • Voter Registration

L SCAN® 1000T

L SCAN® 1000T
  • Law Enforcement Booking
  • Civil Background Checks
  • Border Control

L SCAN® Guardian™ R

L SCAN® Guardian R
  • Enables exceptional fingerprint image qu
  • Provides significant ridge definition
  • Protects Guardian R platen from accident

Guardian® R2

Guardian R2
  • Ruggedized ten-print scanner
  • Intuitive system — requires little train
  • Ergonomically friendly design, tailored


  • First FBI-certified single platen design
  • Rapid high-quality data capture
  • High resolution (500 ppi)


  • solid performance
  • real-time display
  • Developed using patented biometric tech

Guardian FW, USB

Guardian FW, USB
  • Forensic-quality fingerprint capture
  • Auto Capture and Perfect Roll
  • Compact, ergonomic design

Patrol ID

Patrol ID
  • Immigration offices
  • Border checkpoints
  • Schools and universities


  • Designed for wireless mobile iris
  • Standards-based image capture
  • FBI SAP Level 45 certification

Mobile Rapid ID

Florida Mobile Rapid ID
  • State, county, and local law enforcement
  • Fish and wildlife enforcement
  • Medical examiner and coroner

SEEK® II Quad Reader

SEEK® II Quad Reader
  • Forensic quality capture of multiple
  • Validation and authentication
  • Reads magnetic stripe cards

Guardian IP

Guardian IP
  • Intuitive instructions via integrated,
  • Superior wet and dry print capture
  • Embedded processor eliminates local PC


Guardian - Fingerprint Scanner , Fingerprint Reader
  • capture flexibility
  • Superior wet and dry print capture
  • Improved ergonomic design

Guardian® Jump Kit

  • Iris scanner
  • Durable digital camera
  • Global positioning system (GPS)

Authenticator Document Authentication Reader

  • Border Control Screening
  • Car Rental Check-in
  • Employment Applicant Verification


  • National ID Programs
  • Military
  • Durable housing

Cross Match Software Solutions

Biometric Time Attendance Software
  • Easy utilization of biometric systems
  • Check cashing, fraud prevention
  • Border entry/exit control

U.are.U 4500 Reader

  • Blue LED
  • Small form factor
  • Rugged construction

U.are.U 5160 Reader

  • Compact size
  • Landing lights and status LEDs
  • High durability

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