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Preprinted Security Cards


Holograms also provides product authentication, quick and easy validation as it is easily visible by the naked eye without special equipment.

Micro text

This security process involves printing very small text unreadable to the human eye in a specific location on a card surface. Micro text print can be incorporated into the card and cannot be duplicated by dye-sublimation, inkjet or laser printers.

When incorporated within an overall security design, micro text is an effective device which can be verified using a linen tester eye-glass.

UV Ink

The UV Ink is one security method of adding something unique to a plastic card.

Ultra Violet ink is not visible to the human eye, however when put under UV light you will be able to see the UV ink that will glow on the card. This is used as an added security on the card so that duplication of the card is close to impossible.


Guilloche graphics refers to complex line patterns formed of two more curves lines plotted according to mathematical principles. Guilloche patterns provide such effective anti-counterfeiting protection that they are used on virtually all banknotes throughout the world. Normally used to create ornamental boarders and emblems, they are effective, and beautiful.


Magnetic Stripe With text

The magnetic stripe can be printed with customized text and design elements as well as special color effects. This security feature is visible to the naked eye and can be detected without any verification device. This customization is available for Loco and Hico Mag Stripes.

Laser vs Thermal

Thermal Printing :

Thermal printing can only be done if the card has an overlay over the cards. If the cards have UV coating on the cards then thermal printing cannot be done. Sequential or random numbers, contact information, barcodes are generally all thermal printed.

Laser Printing :

When using this print method, data usually names or numbers, are engraved into the card layers with a laser. This personalization is distinguished from the card surface it is even tactual for your fingers.


OVI applied by screen-printing and works best when the design allows for an area of solid unbroken coverage. The security of this technology rests primarily in the fact that OVI inks very difficult to produce and are made available only to security printers who have undergone extensive qualification and demonstrate the ability to handle it in a secure environment.

Holographic Overlay

Having a background with full faced foiling gives your card a holographic shine that makes your card unique and eye catching. Not only does your card have a background that shines, it also has a reflective foil appearance, when you turn the card you can see the different reflections of the colors of the card.

Hot Stamping

Hot stamping means applying colored or metallic foils via heat and pressure onto the surface of the card. This procedure is very often used by banks or credit companies, as hot stamps help preventing counterfeiting and forgery.


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