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NISCA Ribbons

NISCA Ribbons

200DPI HOLOGRAM, Registered Image (200DPI Hologram)
Nisca Clear Thinfilm Soft Coat (Clear TF Soft)
Nisca Clear 0.5 Mil Patch (NG Clear 290)
Nisca Clear 1 Mil Patch -250 Patches (NG CLR 1mil-250)
Nisca Generic V1 Thin Film (NG Gen.V1)
Nisca Print Hologram Softcoat (NG Hologrm-Softcoat)
Nisca Resin Black Ribbon (NGK)
Nisca YMCKO2 Ribbon (NGYNCKO2)
Nisca YMCKO3 Ribbon 3BP (NGYMCKO3/3BP)
Nisca YMCKO Ribbon-Card Tec (NGYMCKO3 Card Tec)
Nisca YMCKOK2 Ribbon (NGYMCKOK2)
Nisca Generic Gen. V2 Thin Film (Nisca Gen. V2)
Nisca Generic Hologram W/ Security T/E Feature (Nisca Print 250)
Nisca Secure ID 1 Mil Holopatch (Nisca SEC. ID)
Nisca Film/Overlay-Generic Secure ID thin (O/L ID-TF)
Resin Black Ribbon for PRC 101 (PR 5002)
Nisca UV YMCFK Ribbon (YMCFK)
Nisca PRC 101 YMCKO Ribbon (YMCKO PRC 101)

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