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Access Is

Access-IS products are designed for applications such as border control & immigration

Access Is passport ID card scanners / readers includes range of identity authentication & verification products include: e-passport, e-ID and e-driving license readers for government and commercial applications.

From the world’s smallest OEM OCR reader (for integration into mobile devices) to advanced passport readers, Access-IS products are designed for applications such as border control, immigration, document issuance, law enforcement, banking, gaming, retail, KYC and anti-money laundering.

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Product Range

OCR640 Full-page ID Document Reader

USB reader
  • Single action MRZ, chip & image decoding
  • Automatic data detection
  • Compensates for out-of-position MRZ

OCR601-SC 4-in-1, half-page ePassport reader

  • Reads ePassports, eID cards and visas
  • Reads contactless & contact smart cards
  • Two secure access modules (SAMs)

OCR601-MK2 Half-Page MRZ ePassport

  • Single action MRZ and chip reading
  • Automatic MRZ and eData detection
  • Can capture image of MRZ data

ADR100 photo ID reader

  • For indoor and outdoor use,
  • Automatic detection
  • Reading compliant driving licence

OCR315e/OCR316e USB OCR reader

USB reader
  • Compact and robust OCR readers.
  • Advanced recognition engine
  • Bi-directional reader

OCR310e OEM Miniature OCR Reader Module

  • Ultra-compact, high-quality design
  • Low power consumption
  • Ultra-fast, accurate and reliable

Mobile OCR and MRZ Reading Snap

  • Reliable snap-on accessories
  • Adding MRZ and magnetic swipe
  • Magnetic stripe card reading

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