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ID BOX One supports all industry standards: ICAO, IAS, ISO-7816, ISO-14443, PC/SC, and FIPS. It is compliant with all ICAO specifications and recommendations: BAC, PA, AA,
EAC and SAC. In addition, Elyctis ID BOX One is also able to read ISO 7816 format cards, such as ID cards, residence permits, or driving licenses.

ID BOX One integrates:

  • MRZ scanner
  • Contactless reader
  • Contact reader
  • SAM reader


  •  Police identification
  • Airport check-in
  • Self service terminals
  • Border control
  • Hotels
  • Banks
  • Car rental companies


Features:  4-in-1: ISO14443 contactless reader, 2x ISO 7816 contact reader, ISO 7816 SAM reader, OCR scanner

Benefits:  Read any MRZ & contactless chip with a single user action. Cost efficient compared to complete datapage scanner. User-friendliness ergonomy then swipe-through solutions

Markets:  Any place where complete datapage scan is not needed and ease of use is required: Police identification, Airport check-in, Self service terminals, Border control, Hotels, Banks, Car rental companies

Customers:  Public and private companies requiring automatic identity verification

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