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Magnetic Card

The smallest decoded reader in the industry.

Cardzme is leading supplier of Magnetic Card Readers, Magnetic Card Writers and Encoders in the entire Middle East and Africa.

This hico/loco configurable encoder features MSR206/MSE-630A dual platform compatibility. Hico/loco Magstripre Card Reader/Writer interoperates with existing MSR206 or MSE-630A applications flawlessly. Its custom data format support enables secure application development beyond the ISO scope.

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Product Range

MSE 750 Hico/Loco Magstripe Card Encoder

MSE 750 Hico/Loco Magstripe Card Encoder - magstripe
  • MSR206/MSE-630A Dual Platform
  • 300~4000oe Coercivity
  • RS-232/USB Two-in-One Connectivity

TMSR-33-USB Magnetic Stripe Credit Card Reader

Magnetic card reader/writer from Cardz Dubai
  • Access controls
  • Car parking systems
  • Retail / POS Applications

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