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Visitor Management SOLUTIONS

Visitor Management

Manage Visitors Professionally and Securely

Product Range

Elliott Asset Manager

  • Quickly and easy
  • Generate reports detailing
  • View inventory details

Elliott Clinic Manager

  • Enroll patients
  • Collect medical questionnaires
  • Dispense medication

Elliott Emergency Event Manager Solution

  • Affordably share information
  • Manage personnel at emergency scenes
  • Backup data with a simple one-click

Elliott EPIC Track

  • Track people, places and things
  • Provides greater results
  • Easily adaptable

Elliott Mobile Command App

  • Track people & assets
  • Create an event & enroll people
  • Multiple devices work

iTrack Tracking System

  • Ability to run reports
  • Perfect for tracking of students
  • Works with a Microsoft Access database

Queue Management Systems

  • Self-serve kiosk
  • Registration and tracking
  • Numbered ticket system

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