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secuTAC is an innovative biometric reader

secuTAC is an innovative biometric fingerprint /Proximity/ Mifare/RFID/ PinPad /Face recognition reader for Time and Attendance & Access Control applications. Secutac offers unparalleled performance by using an advanced proprietary matching algorithm which is reliable, precise and has the fastest fingerprint matching speed.

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Product Range

Secutac ST535 RFID Access control reader

Secutac ST535 -Time and attendance system
  • Elegant casing design
  • Simple and convenient operation method
  • Full door lock control system

Secutac ST503 Time Attendance System

Secutac ST503 - Employee Access Control Solution
  • Easy installation, safe and reliable
  • Simple and convenient operation method
  • Full door lock control system

RFID Time Attendance Secutac ST510

Secutac  ST510 - RFID  Fingerprint Attendance System
  • Innovative biometric fingerprint reader
  • Offers unparalleled performance
  • Fingerprint image quality

Secutac ST530 Time Attendance System

Multimedia Proximity Time Attendance Dubai
  • Built-in 1.3 mg pixel camera
  • Built-in proximity card reader
  • 3.5 TFT screen and integrated camera

Secutac ST555 Fingerprint Time Attendance System

Secutac ST555 Fingerprint Time attendance system
  • Manages 10,000 templates in 1.5 second
  • Uses optical fingerprint sensor
  • Is resistant to scratches

Secutac ST666 Time Attendance System

Secutac ST666-Multimedia Fingerprint Device
  • High performance
  • Ultra quality image
  • Is resistant to scratches

Secutac 700 Face Recognition Time Attendance

Face recognition time attendance system
  • Face Recognition Access Control
  • Finger, card ID or PIN/Password reader
  • Latest face and fingerprint matching

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