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Zebra Barcode printer in Dubai

This high-performance printer/encoder delivers superior flexibility and unique features for a number of benefits. For example, it can fulfill a wide range of applications from small, high-resolution (600 dpi) healthcare specimen smart labeling and item level tagging, to RFID pallet/carton labeling with print widths up to 4”/103 mm. Auto-configuration, which enables encoding of a variety of different RFID tags, simplifies setup. And by encoding RFID inlays that are spaced closer together (0.6”/16 mm or less) than other-brand printer/encoders, the R110Xi4 enables lower cost per label, fewer media-roll changes and faster throughput. Even use media converted for other printer/encoders thanks to Zebra’s ability to detect variable inlay placement. If you don’t need printed labels, the direct-to-inlay encoding capability means even more media savings.

Benefit from RFID Media Flexibility
• Zebra’s exclusive variable inlay detection and configuration feature automatically detects the inlay position within the tag, so you can choose media from a variety of sources with no concern for calibrating inlay location.
• Variable inlay detection also enables you to use media converted for other-brand printer/encoders with minimal printer re-configuration.
• The RXi4 offers multiple RFID power settings to support the widest range of transponder designs and sizes available in the market.
• Enjoy investment protection. Flash-upgradeable firmware assures maximum upgradeability to future RFID protocols and evolving features—no service calls or upgrade to hardware required.

Ideal for These Applications
The high-performance R110Xi4 is designed for item-, case- and pallet-level identification. Streamline business-improvement and supply-chain management applications such as:
Item-level tracking for apparel and other retail item tagging, package verification, work in process, product authentication, document tracking, healthcare specimen tracking and more
Asset tracking
Inventory management

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