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• Dual iris capture in less than ten seconds
• Automatic image capture without user intervention
• Durable housing
• Portable system that integrates into Cross Match Jump Kits or
   other mobile identity management solutions
• Fold open visor accurately sets optimum focus and shields the eyes from direct sunlight
• Operates in total darkness


• Accommodates interpupillary distances (IPD) ranging from 38 – 80 mm, covering 99% of subjects aged 5 and older
• High level image quality
• Spatial resolution: 4.0 lp/mm at 60% or higher contrast
• Pixel Resolution: >22 pixels/mm ( > 210 pixels over iris diameter)
• Incorporates “Anti-Dilation” system to facilitate a smaller pupil
• Near-IR Illumination (700-900 nm)
• Capture volume: 33 mm x 30 mm x 12.7 mm, exceeding NIST Mobile ID Best Practice Recommendations and UID standard
• Dual Optical system utilizing 1.3 megapixel cameras
• Power supplied via USB 2.0 (no battery required)
• USB cable ~ six-feet long, permanently attached with a strain-relief feature
• USB-Org certified USB 2.0 high speed interface
• Device provides bitmap images at a maximum rate of 7.5 fps
• Housing: PC/ABS blend, attached visor to set optical distance, retractable ambient light shield
• Auto Capture used as field calibration check
• Manufactured in U.S.

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