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L SCAN® Guardian™ R

L SCAN® Guardian R

Biometric screening and identity solutions are visible and important components of security installations worldwide. Cross Match Technologies provides award winning solutions for large- and small-scale government, military and corporate security implementations. Cross Match continues to lead the industry by addressing customers’ demands for smaller, lighter, and more rugged livescan solutions. L SCAN Guardian R is a compact and durable ten-print capture scanner optimized for use in diverse, harsh locales. Guardian R is designed for rapid forensic-quality fingerprint capture and meets the highest U.S. government standards. Reliability is unsurpassed as the Guardian R has been independently certified to conform to MIL-STD-810F standards for equipment durability in various harsh environmental conditions. A battery powered system, Guardian R is easy to position—making it an ideal choice for remote operational environments. Unique features, such as the patented auto capture capability and the Perfect Roll™ technology, allow foolproof fingerprint acquisition—positioning Guardian as an excellent choice for high-volume processing environments. Cross Match combines visionary products with a global presence and delivers high levels of customer satisfaction and support. It is the solution provider of choice for many of the world’s most sophisticated security installations.



  • Designed for forensic-quality ten-print fingerprint capture in remote, outdoor environments
  • Patented technology for foolproof fingerprint acquisition
  • Excellent choice for high-volume processing in harsh environments
  • High resolution (500 ppi)
  • FBI Appendix F-certified
  • Powered by USB

Features and Benefits

  • A unique illumination technique that allows for high-quality image capture
  • Rapid Auto Capture™ of left and right hands, and both thumbs in less than 15 seconds
  • Perfect Roll™ technology, which allows rapid fingerprint acquisition
  • An ergonomically friendly design that is tailored for field use
  • The ultra lightweight device optimized for use in Jump Kits and portable travel cases, with an adjustable handle to position the device for special needs
  • Optional L SCAN Cabinet available to create an integrated booking station
  • Quick Match software-based solution available to capture fingerprint template images for search and matching against stored watch lists

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