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Compact, High-Resolution Tenprint and Palm Print Livescan System

L SCAN® 1000PX addresses the need for an ultra-compact, high-resolution livescan system. The lightweight 1000ppi scanner rapidly acquires upper, lower and writer’s palms, flats and rolls at 1000 ppi or 500 ppi—using the same prism. The 1000PX is an ideal choice for criminal identification and forensic analysis.


  • FBI EBTS Appendix F-certified single platen design
  • New XD™ technology allows instant image preview and captures images at extremely high resolution
  • Auto Capture™ enables convenient fingerprint and palm print image capture
  • User-friendly, intuitive display and smart buttons

Features and Benefits

  • 1000 ppi and 500ppi image capture with the same prism
  • Perfect Image™ capture, which eliminates background for crystal-clear images
  • Perfect Roll™ technology, which provides guidance during fingerprint capture for high-quality images
  • Easy system operation with content-sensitive buttons and intuitive icons on a local color display
  • Mounting bracket to secure the scanner to a flat surface
  • Optional L SCAN Cabinet available to create an integrated booking station
  • Powerful, proven and best documented software support by L SCAN Essentials SDK
  • MTBF of 45,000 for five years of continuous use
  • Optional transportation cases for portable applications available
  • Compatible with Livescan Management Software

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