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Step 1: IriTracker software is installed to host device (PC, laptop, tablet).

Step 2: Employees ‘iris template(s) are enrolled to host device.

Step 3: Employees clock in and out by verifying their iris(es) using IriShield camera plugging into PC.

Step 4: Data will be transferred to admin staff and generate different functional reports.

Key Benefits

Eliminate time related disputes.

Maximize employee productivity.

Provide real time labor data.

Save management expense.


- Automated time & attendance control for small, medium and large size companies

- Friendly and easy-to-use interface

- Centralize attendance data generated from different locations.

- Flexible and manageable solution allows the administrator to add, edit and remove employees.

- Accurate and reliable time reports for payroll management.               

- Automated messaging delivery to disseminate information to one or more employees via bulletin board function.

- Multi-languages supports localization and internationalization

- Capable of working in the most biometrically unfriendly workplace

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