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Mobile Enrollment Unit


  • Integration of Netbook and printer in the system for on-the-spot information delivery and immediate printing of document.

  • Integrated camera and signature pad to enable capturing of registered voter’s picture, and the signature pad to allow voters to create digital signature for future clarification.
Voters Enrollment
Voters Verification


Mobile Enrollment Unit is a combination of a notebook, printer, webcam, signature pad and biometric fingerprint scanner, all-in-one in the compact carrying case. Depending on client’s requirements, the netbook can be replaced with any of our ruggedized handheld terminal which can perform similar function as the netbook, for data insertion as well as communication.

With the versatility and flexibility of the mobile enrollment system, voter enrollment officer can carry out voters’ registration at any location and at the highest accuracy with the ability to transfer the enrolled voters’ information back to the backend database.

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