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SecuDesktop Pro

SecuDesktop Pro



Fingerprint logon to local workstations, desktop or laptop computers without a password. You can use your fingerprint-only or fingerprint+user ID to logon.


Fingerprint-activated, 128-bit encryption to secure any data file or folder using standard right-click and drag-and-drop actions. Windows OS and system folders are no encryptable.


Fingerprint-secured screen saver that locks your computer when activated and requires a user's fingerprint to release the lock. Works with standard WIndows screen savers.


Management console that controls the functions and settings of SecuDesktop Pro including user account settings and administration, system configuration, and system recovery.


Advanced tracking of SecuDesktop Pro events such as user logons, user additions/ deletions, failed access attempts, user management events, and system configuration settings.


Provides top administrators backup utility for SecuDesktop Pro user database and encrypted folder information, for data recovery in the event of system problems.

System Requirements

- IBM-compatible PC 486 or later
- Windows 7 / Vista / XP / 2000 / Me / 98SE
- Available USB port for SecuGen finished fingerprint reader (Auto-On function not currently supported)
- 16 MB RAM
- 20 MB available hard disk space

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