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AM/RF Labels

AM/RF Labels - Printed Labels


We offer authentic Sensormatic DR (dual resonating) labels that can be detected by any Sensormatic UltraMax® systems and any other Acousto-Magnetic (AM) EAS systems. In addition, they can be deactivated with the use of Sensormatic or other AM deactivators.

All-Tag SuperLabels®

31 x 32 mm / 1.2" x 1.26"
33 x 38 mm / 1.3" x 1.5"
Detection equal to standard 40 x 40mm (1.5 x 1.5") RF Labels

LEFT: 4D8BC   /   RIGHT: 4D8PW
38 mm x 42 mm / 1.5" x 1.6"

LEFT: 5D8BC   /   RIGHT: 5D8PW
47 mm x 49 mm / 1.8" x 1.9"

LEFT: 6D8BC   /   RIGHT: 6D8PW
62 mm x 69 mm / 2.4" x 1.1"


EAS Labels are perfect for protecting all types of hard goods such as CD and DVD cases, books, and all products packaged in cardboard boxes of plastic containers. All-Tag Security S.A. located in Belgium is the second largest mass producer of high quality Radio-Frequency (RF) labels in the world behind Checkpoint systems. All-Tag labels are fully compatible with all Checkpoint EAS Systems and Label Deactivators.

UNISEN’s joint venture with All-Tag Security has resulted in the formation of All-Tag Security Americas, Inc. This partnership allows UNISEN customers to buy RF Labels direct from the manufacturer’s distribution centers around the world. All-Tag labels are being used by many of the world’s leading retailers and their source-tagging vendors. All-Tag focuses solely on manufacturing the highest quality RF labels, offering the most competitive prices, and providing rapid delivery times and unmatched customer service.
All-Tag has also entered the RFID market as an OEM supplier of custom etched antennas used in the production of RFID tags. All-Tag’s vast experience in the mass-production of RF antennas gives them the competitive edge in terms of price and speed of production.

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