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Specialty Tags

Specialty Tags

The TagMate™ 3 and 4 Alarm EAS Tack attaches an EAS tag to apparel and other store products providing several measures of protection against theft.


The Max Tack is an EAS Tack designed for retailers planning to upgrade microwave, RF, EM systems to Sensormatic Ultra*Max technology. They can also used to convert stand-alone ink tags into a combination EAS/ink anti-theft solution. By inserting the Max Tacks into the existing tag inventory, retailers can create eliminate the need to purchase new detachers.

  • Size: 1.8 inches (47 mm) long, 5/8 inches (18 mm) wide
  • Weight: .2 oz (5.7 gms)
  • Standard Color: Gray
  • Active Components: 58MHz bias resonator
  • Pin Style: Stainless steel, 15 mm in length with three grooves



The Lock Tight Tag serves as an effective and reliable means of protecting a variety of merchandise ranging from hardware and sporting goods to all types of bottles.

  • Standard frequency is 8.2 MHz
  • Standard color - black
  • Reinforced wire makes tag more difficult to defeat
  • Requires a Universal Detacher to remove tags

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