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Ink Tags

Ink Tags - Electronic Article Surveillance


Universal Ink Tags

Product Code: IO-6000
Universal Ink Tags provide an active deterrent against shoplifting without having to purchase and install expensive, complicated security systems. If a security system is already installed in a store, ink tags can be attached to Sensormatic or Checkpoint brand EAS security tags to create a double measure of protection against theft.


Universal Ink Tag - Gray

Product Code: IO-6000G
This ink tag is a Universal Ink Tag, but the gray color matches the popular Sensormatic SuperTag® for a more appealing look. In addition, we designed this ink tag in a way that creates a perfect fit between it and a Sensormatic SuperTag making the combination more tamper resistant. Although it was designed with the Sensormatic SuperTag in mind, this ink tag will also work with Checkpoint or any other branded EAS hard tags.


Ink Tag LP

Product Code: IO-60003
The ink ampules and the clutch lock in the Ink Tag LP are encased in the same plastic shell. Instead of connecting an ink tag to retail merchandise using a cumbersome clutch lock, this ink tag is connected with the use of a small pin. Because the Ink Tag-LP is the ink tag and the clutch all in one, it is the smallest and lightest ink tag solution on the market. This smaller and lighter the ink tag is, the less it hangs down on the clothing making it look and feel awkward to customers when trying on the clothing.


Universal Clutch

Product Code: CO-9000
The Universal Clutch was specially designed to work with our Universal Ink Tag, as well as the Sensormatic Ink Mate®. The unique flaps on the sides of this cone shaped clutch conceal the pin of the ink tag making it completely tamper resistant.


I Tag

Product Code: IT-1000
The I-Tag offers retailers a aesthetically pleasing and tamper resistant AM or RF hard tag/benefit denial ink tag combination. The ink vials are located on the pin side of the tag, while the AM or RF circuit is located on the clutch (lock) side of the tag. When the two sides are combined they form one solid mass with the pin completely concealed in the middle of the tag. This makes it impossible for shoplifters to gain access to and cut the pin.

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