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Wacom STU-500

Wacom STU-500 - Graphic Tablets/Board

Pens are cordless, battery-free and require no maintenance. A tether is provided to prevent loss.
As with our other signature tablets, the STU-500 is based on Wacom's patented pen technology. The sensor registers relevant biometric information about the signature — such as data coordinates and pressure sensitivity. The individual pressure profile, the writing rhythm, and the writing speed result in a unique biometric signature profile.

The STU-500 is typically purchased as part of an integrated software/hardware solution designed by our partners to meet the unique needs of specific professions and industries.


Active Area

4.0” x 3.0” (5.0" diagonal , 101.76mm x 76.32mm)

Data Interface

Full speed USB / Serial (optional serial accessory kit needed)

Development Environments

C++, .Net, and Java SDK/API available for developers

Display Resolution

640 x 480 pixels

Display Type

Monochrome LCD

Input Resolution

2,540 lpi (not interpolated)

Pen Technology

Cordless, battery-free pen

Physical Size - W x D x H

6.3” x 7.2” x 1.0” (160.0mm x 182.5mm x 24.6mm)

Power Source

USB Power /AC adapter (optional - part of the serial accessory kit)

Pressure Levels

512 (not interpolated)

Reading Method

Electromagnetic resonance (EMR)


Anti-glare treatment and tempered glass


Two year warranty in the United States and Canada.


0.9 lbs (0.40 kg)

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