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Pagin System - Guest call, waiter call, Table call from Vemcall

A paging system in restaurant help you effectively improve restaurant service and productivity, win good reputation, reduce labor costing and eventually earn more profit!

Vemcall pager product line includes:

  • Fast-Food Paging Systems
  • Office Boy Paging Systems
  • Hospitality Pagers
  • Wireless Transmitters
  • Wireless Waiting Customer System
  • Nurse Call Paging System
  • Paging Customer Management System.
  • Waiter call , table call management 


Get the best deals on Vemcall Paging System in Dubai from Cardz. Distributor for entire range of pagers for restaurants, Hospitas, offices in UAE, Middle east and Africa

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Product Range

Vemcall Paging System

Vemcall Paging System - wireless paging system,pager system
  • Creates a better atmosphere for users
  • Creates a relaxed working experience
  • Increases your annual turnover

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