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Vemcount - Hosted People counting solution

Today's retailers have detailed information about their sales per category, per store, per day and per hour.
However, for many retailers, data regarding the number of shoppers per store or per category in today's retail industry is rather more hazy.

All devices send counting data directly to our Vemcount servers. There is no need for local software installations or any local server that handles data in each store.

Security and speed are our top priorities. We have interconnected cloud servers in 3 different continents (Europe, Asia, America), giving our customers the best possible online experience wherever they are in the world.
Vemcount People counting system has worked closely with retailers to devise a system that meets the needs of the retail industry.
The result is a very flexible and user-friendly system. The system allows you to search data from any retailer or shopping centre, compare data, view the location of shops and access live data.

Data is always available online via Vemcount and can also be exported, manually or automatically, to customers’ own internal Business Intelligence-, Business Warehouse- or ERP systems


VemCount – Location Search
The standard search menu allows you to collect data in
blocks of 15 minutes, 30 minutes, hours, days, weeks,
months and years. The data can easily be organised and
presented in Excel.

VemCount – Group Search
Custom Build - Shop type, channel, region, state.
Data can easily be organised and presented in Excel.

VemCount – Zone Search
Get an overview of the areas customers visit the most.
Which way do most customers go after they arrive at the
shop or shopping centre? See which departments or floors
are the most popular.

VemCount Counting Solution – Map Search
Map Search presents data in map format (global,
continental, country, city, store/shopping centre).

VemCount – Application
VemCount is designed and optimised for iPad and will
soon be available for Android and iPhone.

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