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ACR1281S-C1 DualBoost II Serial Dual Interface Reader

ACR1281S-C1 DualBoost II  Serial Dual Interface Reader


The ACR1281S-C1 is a plug-and-play device that does not require any driver installation. It comes with a built-in SAM slot for added security in both contact and contactless applications. Lastly, the ACR1281S-C1 makes use of high-speed communication for contactless cards at a maximum of 848 kbps, which makes it suitable for highly demanding applications.

With additional features such as USB firmware upgradability, contact memory card support and extended APDU support, ACR1281S-C1 Serial DualBoost II is a highly cost-effective, powerful, all-in-one device that offers convenience and flexibility to many smart card applications.

Cardz Group Dubai brings to you a complete range of hi-tech RFID ReadersMifare contactless cards which are not only stylish and durable but are also designed to fulfill multiple applications. To learn more about Contactless Cards, you can call or write to us using our handy contact form on the enquiry page. We will be more than happy to assist you with information and technical data.




120.5 mm (L) x 72.0 mm (W) x 20.4 mm (H)


150 g


RS232 for data communication
USB for power transmission

Operating Distance

Up to 50 mm (depends on the tag type)

Supply Voltage

Regulated 5V DC

Supply Current


Operating Temperature

0 - 50 °C

Operating Frequency

13.56 MHz

Smart Card Interface Support

  • Contact
    • ISO 7816 Class A, B and C (5V, 3V, 1.8V)
  • Contactless
    • ISO 14443 Type A & B
    • Mifare


  • CE, FCC, RoHS Compliant

Operating System Support

  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, Server 2003, Server 2008, Server 2008 R2
  • Win XP x64, Win Vista x64, Win 7 x64, Win Server 2003 x64, Win Server 2008 x64, Win Server 2008 R2 x64
  • Linux

Cardz Dubai can help you find the right RFID Reader to meet the demands of your business. From warehousing to the office, BarcodesInc has readers that deliver accurate and reliable reading for any environment. Laser, imager, handheldfixed, Bluetooth, USB, and more!


How RFID Works

RFID tags, a technology once limited to tracking cattle, are tracking consumer products worldwide. Many manufacturers use the tags to track the location of each product they make from the time it's made until it's pulled off the shelf and tossed in a shopping cart.

Outside the realm of retail merchandise, RFID tags are tracking vehicles, airline passengers, Alzheimer's patients and pets. Soon, they may even track your preference for chunky or creamy peanut butter. Some critics say RFID technology is becoming too much a part of our lives, that is, if we're even aware of all the parts of our lives that it affects.

RFID (radio frequency identification) systems use data strings stored inside RFID tags to uniquely identify people or objects when their tags are scanned by an RFID reader. These types of systems are found in many applications such as passport protection, animal identification, inventory control systems, and secure access control systems.

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