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TMSR-33-USB Magnetic Stripe Credit Card Reader

MSR Magnetic card reader from Cardz Dubai, UAE

With the common use of cards instead of cash, Credit Card Reader (MSR, magnetic stripe readers) are an essential part of any POS system. Though often referred to as credit card readers, MSRs can read any card with magnetic stripes, including some driver's licenses, gift cards, and other IDs

Following is a summary of the major applications of this device.

  • Access controls
  • Car parking systems
  • Retail / POS Applications
  • Membership Card Applications
  • Automated Input Device Applications


  • Software utility setting, easy to use. 
  • Bi-directional card swipe and read capability. 
  • Software and hardware modification is not required. 
  • Single, dual and tripe track(s) decoding, meet with ISO standards. 
  • Power up diagnostics. 
  • Card read confirmation by beep sounds. 
  • Magnetic head life: 300,000 passes minimum.


  • Power supply : +5VDC +/- 10%

  • Current consumption : <100mA

  • Interface : USB

  • Size : 96mm(L) x 30.5mm (W) x32mm (H)

  • Weight (g) : 57g

  • Cable length : 1.5M

  • Head life : 300,000 pass minimum

  • Storage temperature    : -20 C to +60 C

  • Operating temperature : 0 C to +50 C

  • Operating humidity : 20% to 90%

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